Why are people so cripted, insane and moronic?!

Every 7 out of 10 people suffer of genetic stupidity. Many would ask themselves “What is that?” Well, for your information, this disease is just inside your own blood and genetic code. This issue affects everything we do all around us. It can be from our house to our school, we never know. The biggest issue is that we never expect it, and when it happens BAM! You just marked yourself for life. The funny thing is that people never admit it, and when this happens we usually tend to look for another random action that would prove that this person is a moron. Well be careful, because moronism is contagious.

Human stupidity has been always the most dangerous issue in the universe. The problem is that even history has their morons. Take for example Rome. It was burnt down my Nero, who was in rage, but also a moron. Now that shows us why you shouldn’t play with fire. Another example would be between our neighborhoods. First we look at our neighbors, now in every corner that you turn expect at least 3 things to happen. 1. One of your neighbors will run his car over you by accident. 2. Your neighbor’s dog will be chasing you because you forgot to take a shower. 3. Your neighbor’s kid will tell you that by accident he broke your window with his baseball. Now lets rephrase this. Aren’t all of these made by only one single action that relates to stupidity? We know that either way one of us will make the stupid action. Don’t forget to shower, just so you know.

Now, why would you say you are too smart to be dumb? Because you’re not dumb, you’re insane. Every time you walk out of your house saying that you are smarter than anyone else will make you lose your pride as rough as the sold out news on Twilight saga’s ad on the newspaper. You could walk away and just mess up your destiny. You could spill coffee on your shirt, or step on a piece of dog’s poop, or get hit by a car, or getting jumped by a Hispanic guy, or kill yourself by just thinking about any of these. That is what makes you a moron.

Dumb people behind the wheel are far more dangerous than serial killers. Whenever we cross the street there will be around 30 people who will be talking, laughing, texting or being angry with whatever, and driving like monkeys with ten litters of dr. pepper. First, people texting are dangerous, because they are way too over self-conscious about what they are doing; and then they kill someone because they couldn’t think “Mhm, maybe I should be doing one thing at a time”. No! The person had to text, drive, and laugh at the same time before he could even realize he just sent you to heaven. I would know what’s going to happen with a serial killer, even with Jason Borhees, but I will always expect the worst coming from a dumb person behind the wheel, because I never know what’s going to happen.

Never ever accept advisement from a moron. Two negative numbers added together don’t become a positive one. No, they become a bigger negative number, and it’s the same with dumb people. If you need help with something, that means you are dumb in that area, but asking help from someone who knows the least of what he’s doing, that makes you a bigger moron. Because both of you know nothing, you will most likely blast your own lives away like a grenade with gasoline. Another thing that you should never do is hear someone while you are on your way out. You already have a plan, your things, and your mind is busy with you thinking about it, but someone (let’s say a friend) will keep talking to you. It can be by asking if you are all ready, or just having fun, or just bothering you by mere pleasure. This can make you realize 5 hours later that you forgot your keys, or you left your cell phone inside, or you didn’t bring any money. Whose fault is it? Yours, because you were listening to your friend instead of concentrating on what you were doing. He was trying to help you, but he made the situation far worse than without helping.

If you never listen to anyone, that doesn’t make you a moron, that makes you closed minded. Being able to look from different points makes us have a more vast imagination and more possibilities inside our mind, but being in your own personal bubble without even hearing a single opinion and saying that what you say is always the right thing, then you my dear friend are the most insanely cripted person alive. Closing your own mind to have a binoculars’ eye sight will make you unbearable to talk to, and an unpleasant person. You need to listen, look, think, feel, and go beyond borders. There are no borders when it comes to knowledge and learning, but if you don’t even accept this, then you are a pretty cripted person and deserve a slap on the face. Never tell yourself that you are correct unless you can prove that you are correct. When you just fight and fight back with no reason to be, then you are becoming dumber than the person who you are arguing with. “The quieter, the wiser”-Socrates.

Stupidity is the root of wisdom, not the rival. When you mess up a situation, and you realize what you’ve done is incorrect. Well that makes you human, and smarter, because you now know what the consequences are, and how not to do it again. “I’d regret doing something I did, than regretting something I never did”-Kirk Hammet. Take this quote with you. If you want you can tattoo it on your forehead so when you look in the mirror you see a really outgoing, and wise person. When you do something wrong, it doesn’t mean you are a bad person. It means you have experienced it and that it’s up to you to learn from it for the worse or for the better.

Always be an insane person, with long intervals of sanity. When people say that you are weird, well, they are telling the truth. But the point is that sometimes being weird doesn’t mean being bad. Everyone’s weird in their own way. What makes you weirdly good it’s not about your actions or words, it’s who you are that makes you a weirdly good person. Stupidity works out pretty good in this part, because you get a lot of people who find you interesting. In this area we could call it divine stupidity, because it cannot be torn down, nor can it be taken away. Divine stupidity just evolves into something else. The reason that you are weird in some ways is that you have a brain that can create more static than the average brain. You may not be smart, but you are creative. Trust me when I say that creativity is better than anything else in the world. You have your own passions, talents, and ways of talking; and all of them are original. You are the best example of divine stupidity, give yourself a high five.

Dumb people’s quotes are like commandments; they never get old and are written on stone. Have you ever heard of the old phrase “what’s the worst that would happen?”. If you have, then you are dealing with other kind of cripted people. Whenever you hear one of the following phrases, never go forward to it:

  • What’s the worst that would happen?
  • Who’s going to know about it?
  • Why not?
  • That’s what I am.
  • If they do it, I should too.
  • Never thought about it.
  • I didn’t think it could happen.
  • I saw it on the computer.
  • What for?
  • Someone said.

Whatever happens, never ever in your whole life, follow a person who says any of these quotes. These are the commandments of stupidity, and if you ever come close to a person who says at least 4 of them, then they will need your help.

Human stupidity has no limits. When you have had a thought, a feeling, or an idea of doing something stupid and reckless. Well that’s your dumb human within trying to get out. Sometimes we do things that are far beyond our limits. Jumping from the second floor would be one of those. The point is that we never know when we can trust ourselves, because in a moment or another we will be doing something really stupid. As shown before, you will most likely use one of these commandments, and that’s what will change you for the rest of your life. By the moment you think about something really messed up, and you say one of these, then you know you will do it sooner or later. The evil Cannibal (Or whatever you write it like) was the biggest example of this. He did unspeakable stunts, and plus he survived, but the dumber thing is that people tried to do the same as he did. That’s not smart at all. In fact, that shows the least intelligence in a human being, but we will never learn until we break a bone or give ourselves some internal bleedings.

If morons could fly, we would’ve never known the sun. Morons are always around us, something we will always have in history, sports, technology, science, literature, etc. We can learn from other people’s doings, and we can become better, or we can just learn by our own human stupidity. When we walk across the streets, they’re there. When we go to school, they are there. Whenever we buy a big mac, they will be there. Whenever we watch the TV, they shall be there. When you go out with your love, they can be there. You cannot escape from stupidity. It’s everywhere, it’s in the streets, it’s in the air, it’s even in you. You are stupidity in the human form. We are bound to be wrong, to be weird, to mess up everything that is around us. But what makes us humans is that we think, and we can change it. When a monkey trips he will never trip again in the same place, but when a human trips he will trip again, and again, because he will want to know why is he tripping, and how not to trip again. We are made physically and psychologically to learn, think, and screw up. To be human means to be imperfect, but what makes it so beautifully perfect is the simple fact of being imperfect. There’s no cure, and there’s no answer for it. It is part of our nature, and it’s the most amazing thing the universe could’ve ever had.

We should all just be a lot more open in mind, spirit and overall, feelings. If we follow anything but these rules, then we will definitely fall into insanity. Drive safely, be polite, tolerate people, be open minded, be conscious, direct minded, and never ever ask yourself one of the commandments of human stupidity. We can do this, or we could just create brain transplants. Wait a minute in your chair, press your head as hard as you can, and let me tell you this. “Brain transplants will never exist” You can choose to be a little smarter, or follow Homer Simpson’s example of creativity.